Martian dog

by miguel mendoza

I just ruined

A good friendship

But I’m playing a game

And here

These assholes from mars

Think they can just

Claim independence

Not if earth has anything to say

Sometimes one has to assert dominance

Pew, pew

Pew, pew

The martian’s spaceship catches fire

Even though

That wouldn’t happen in real life

“Martian dog!”

I say

But really

That guy was a human too

He just lived on mars

Maybe he even had a family

And some friends

Pew, pew

Pew, pew

Another martian dog

Catches fire


Daddy Issues

by miguel mendoza


When I’m having

A stiff drink with my friends

I smell

My father

Right there

In the glass


So many nights



With bloodshot eyes

If he’s alive

Or playing


For my mother

For my sisters

Or calling

The taxi companies

Or checking the jail’s website

For inmates with the same name

As my father–


I’m not so thirsty