Ways Home, we did it. This issue was a beautiful learning experience for all of us. With only two prior members, most of us went in without knowing what exactly we were in for. But we joined hands and faced each obstacle as a team, a supportive community at our backs.

Thank you to our Jacksonville writing community, particularly our little home at the University of North Florida. Fred Dale, Marcus Pactor, Mark Ari: Thank you for your advice, your time, and your dedication to all of the writing students that cross your path.

Thanks to Brass Tacks for being our home away from home. We couldn’t have made it without you.

To each writer who submitted their work, to each of our authors who became family as they collaborated with us, and to each of you readers, reading these words right now: Thank you.



Travis, thank you for your design talent and honesty, and knowing when something is working, when it isn’t, and how to tell me.
Kat, thank you for being my partner in all of this. The readiness with which you come up with brilliant ideas amazes me.
Ari, thank you for giving me this job. I love it.
To the entire staff, thank you, thank you, thank you. It was better than I could have hoped.


I'd like to thank, Ari, Pactor, and Dale for their invaluable contributions to creative writing at UNF, my wonderful girlfriend Jamie for her open hearted love, and most of all: Kenna and Kat, our fearless and indefatigable leaders; they carried us on their backs.